General Surgery


Surviving with a burst appendix for two weeks

The Rollercoaster of Atypical Presentation

Ryan’s appendicitis story


Hernia Repair

Lessons learned in a hospital gown

My Robot-Assisted Surgery

My Umbilical Hernia Repair Experience

Bariatric Surgery

How well does bariatric surgery work?

Vox speaks to 11 bariatric surgery recipients

Colorectal Surgery

Colon Surgery Experience

Kevin Hague discusses his experiences with bowel resection and ileal pouch/ileoanal anatomosis recovery

my j-pouch surgery

By Edmund Murray

My Surgery Experience: Small Bowel Resection

My Surgery Experience: Small Bowel Resection

Surgical Oncology

Lobectomy: My Story

Surgical clerks do not get a true representation of what it’s like to be a surgical patient. Once that patient is discharged, they really have no idea of the recovery process after that point and the impact the illness has had on them and their family. The idea is to change that perception.

i first noticed something wasn’t right on my birthday…

Alex’s story of colon cancer at 41

Twas the night before surgery

A breast surgeon details her experience with breast cancer and surgery.

Trauma Surgery

reuniting with the trauma surgeon who saved my life...twice

Plastic Surgery 


Switching on my hearing at 35

William's story of getting cochlear implants after being profoundly deaf since birth

caroline's journey to cochlear implants - a podcast

Orthopedic Surgery 



It is brain surgery

Lisa’s experience of getting a brain tumor removed while in grad school

What is it really like to have a brain surgery?

Jordan shares her story of living with hydrocephalus

Saving Cyla: What it’s like to have awake brain surgery

The Globe and Mail takes you on a multimedia experience through the OR for Cyla’s awake craniotomy

A podcast from ADHD reWired

A podcast from ADHD reWired