Stories of Palliative and End of Life Care

My Own Life

Oliver Sack's final essay on finding out he had metastatic cancer

"It means a lot. It means a lot."

- Pandora, of her move to the palliative care facility in Toronto, the first of its kind in Canada for the homeless

Robert Sees His First Baseball Game

Effective palliation of Robert's pain allows him to see his favourite team, the Washington Nationals, play live

Husband says assisted dying program 'needs to be fixed' after wife committed suicide

Questions for Me About Dying

“I wanted to do my bit to change things around, to win back some dignity for the dying, because I don’t think silence serves the interests of any of us.”

End-of-life symptom management

The other side of fentanyl

“I have terminal cancer, and without the powerful painkiller, I live in agony”

Palliative care can’t wait: what I wish I’d known as my wife was dying

“Officially in Ontario, palliative care can begin at any point in the progress of the disease. However, according to the Canadian Cancer Society, about 40 percent of cancer patients in the province do not receive any palliative assessment in the last year of their lives.”

Songs in the Key of Life

Music at the end of life and certainly funeral music choices are being increasingly discussed and seem to excite the popular media.

"I'm a queen for the night."

Living funerals create a space for loved ones to gather, say thank you, and share how someone influenced their lives.

Letting Go - What Should Medicine Do When It Can't Save Your Life?

Atul Gawande's essay in The New Yorker

The power of touch from life’s beginning to end

As an artist, Margaret Ambridge offers exquisite insights into dying, human frailty, strength and love, all informed by her experiences working in palliative care.

Life's last milestone: Why a 'good death' matters

“If the unexamined life was not worth living, was the unlived life worth examining?

When Breath Becomes Air by Dr. Paul Kalanithi

"i have a mom and dad. [...] my dad is sick right now. his skin is sick and now his insides, too"

Layton Reid and his story on Sickboy Podcast

When A Tattoo Means Life Or Death. Literally

Doctors in Miami found that a man's tattoo expressing his end-of-life wishes was more confusing than helpful.

Family Medicine

At the end of his life, author James Marcus’ father went from doctor to patient, from scientist to subject.

We’re Bad at Death. Can We talk?

A new wave of research sheds light on what patients want at the end of life and who is or isn’t getting it.