Our Vision

Bringing more patient stories into medical education


You can only learn so much from Harrison's, UpToDate and JAMA. Don't get us wrong, evidence-based medicine is great... but it's not the only way of knowing. Here you'll find stories of people living with the symptoms and pathologies you're learning about. It doesn't come with 5 key takeaways in point form at the end -- what you learn is whatever stands out to you from bearing witness to their experiences. We believe that learning to interpret information from stories is just as important as learning to interpret ECGs (and is arguably slightly more fun). 

This project came out of a group of medical students with a passion for stories and strong beliefs that our knowledge should come from more than just researchers and health professionals. Without question, evidence gleaned from scientific research is essential to medical education. However, modern feminist epistemologies support that knowledge is valued and affected differently by different knowers. In plain language, who is explaining things affects how that knowledge is portrayed, because it is filtered through the interpreter’s lens and values. Who we allow to present perspectives in medical education matters, because knowledge is different based on who interprets and shares it. How a researcher explains the natural history of multiple sclerosis is not the same as how someone living with multiple sclerosis explains how it affects their life, and there is so much to celebrate and explore in those differences. 

That being said, we want to recognize that this project is not and may never be "complete". While we here at Stories of Medicine have done our best to include as many diverse perspectives as we can, we recognize that what we have included is by no means exhaustive or completely representative. We are a team of 6, and with that comes some degree of unavoidable bias in our selection process. We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on stories in include to help us present a more diverse perspective, and encourage you to do so on the contact us page of the site. We would also like to make the disclaimer that the values and opinions shared in these diverse perspective are the values and opinions of the storytellers and do not represent our views as an organization. On that note, we do not aim to claim any of these stories as our own and every effort has been made to link you back to the author's original content. Our goal is to share with you a compilation of stories that have already been shared on the World Wide Web. We welcome any feedback on areas for potential improvement to the site and encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns or comments.


Alex Pearce
Founder, Stories of Medicine