1% of women under 40 will undergo early menopause. This is one woman's story.


At least one in 10 women suffer with endometriosis, a disorder where the tissue that usually lines the inside of the uterus instead grows outside of it. Despite how common the condition is, it still takes an average of seven and a half years to be diagnosed.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Amy Medling's podcast & blog on living with PCOS

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

The often misdiagnosed disease that makes you feel like your junk is on fire

An anonymous author's story in Broadly of being diagnosed with PID

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Pap Smears

How My First Pap Smear Made Me Realize I Needed To Get In Touch With My Body

The Hilarious and Compelling Origins of the Pap Smear

My first pap smear

HPV and colposcopy

I Only Had Sex With One Person & Got The Most Common STI

LEEP procedures

A somewhat meandering story about my leep procedure


feMale infertility

Peggy Orenstein's widely hailed and bestselling memoir of her quest for parenthood begins when she tells her new husband that she's not sure she ever wants to be a mother; it ends six years later after she's done almost everything humanly possible to achieve that goal.

Male infertility

Mason Wheeler and Phillip got to sit down for a VULNERABLE conversation on Male Infertility and how they've dealt with the disappointment and other factors of the diagnosis.

Read this article from the Washington Post here!

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Sexual Dysfunction 

Female Sexual Dysfunction

In this series of visual essays, women talk about their most personal reproductive health issues and problems. Here, one woman talks about painful sex, something that affects 1 in 10 women. She is eventually diagnosed with severe endometriosis - but not before she spends years having her pain dismissed and misdiagnosed by doctors.

Birth control

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In Control: Our Stories, Our Lives, Our Birth Control

My IUD insertion: a kind-of boring story

When it works out just fine, we don't often hear about it.

I am a girl, and this is how people judged me when I bought a condom

Real Women On Why They Chose To Take Plan B